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18 thoughts on “34 DD for you to see

  1. i love you, lol! i check this site every damn day for more of your posts. fucking gorgeous. white boy in oklahoma still looking to get in on some of this!

    1. Melissa
      Anal is OK, blowjobs are nice, but there is nothing that feels better for me that cumming in a nice tight pussy.

  2. Sweetheart you look like you didn’t enjoy yourself or something, I don’t want you to frown up when your swallowing my load of hot black cum. I wanna lick on that phat pussy of yours too. Do you think you make that happen for me?

  3. Torpedo i love a big black cock in my pussy, mouth, and ass in that order. anal once in a great while is enough for this white girl.

    1. At least for me a good old fashioned missionary fuck is extremely pleasurable. I like watching the expression on a woman’s face as I am fucking her.

      1. Hi Torpedo, Missionary’s great but I love doggie if he’s big enough. I often find that with a snatched chance you’re up against a wall which adds to the excitement.
        No, no twins so far

      2. Hi Diana
        I prefer missionary followed by cowgirl. I really get off on watching a woman’s expressions while I am fucking her. If the woman is petite I prefer cowgirl. Some women have had problems handling me dog style. I enjoy the position but it lacks the intimacy of my other two choices. As long as everybody has all the orgasms they can handle all positions are good.

  4. Hello Lovely, I just want to know if you prefer your guy to be very DARK skin and masculine. If you do post me Babydoll

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