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Another cuckold fantasy video

Been trying to introduce/talk her into the lifestyle. She assures me it’s just a fantasy. Though she’s been open to indulging my dirty talk, this is the first time we tried this. (She doesn’t know I recorded it.) I don’t think she realizes but I’ve definitely noticed her staring at fit black men these days. Sometimes I get jealous, but hey…

I figured you guys would appreciate it!

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12 thoughts on “Another cuckold fantasy video

  1. very hot…my first real .hubby didn’t do it really..anal experience was with my only hung lover…talk me into it..put on video..i sat on him like she did..i stroked him..his cock was truly he sucked pinched my rock hard nipples and fingered my pussy..he guided me onto his we watch hot wife like myself fuck huge black man anally..i was in a trance thinking that black cock was in my ass..i was impaled on him…came hard I cried

  2. Hi

    Thank You very much sharing this GREAT video of You two, i ll hope You have many hot moments like this in future, After You feel familiar with this You can do same with one Black men by web chat or multiple black men ( even hotter)….

    You have a absolutely hot wife, i hope You meet BBC as soon Your ready …

    Yours Blueballcucky

  3. That is fantastic. We started with fantasy talk as well. Eventually graduated. What is your community name? Would love to share our story with you and toss out a bit of advice…. 🙂

  4. Not difficult, don’t push it too hard, You create a profile as a couple and find out the type of black guy that turns her on online… bald muscular etc, explain what your trying to do. once you get her chatting online to him with no commitment the guy will be in a position to bring her along slowly during chats but you need to leave her alone to get on with it once shes chatting to him & let the black guy work his charm on her. once she has seen his personality, body and cock she will submit.

  5. She was obviously fighting it, she looked torn in the beginning, but slowly she just could not resist giving in to it. She then proceeded to get off to what she was seeing and hearing.

    Be careful, once you start down this path, there will no going back, and can lead to things you may not be aware off.
    She will go from wanting it, to doing it, to doing it for years, and then in the end she will do to other women and girls what you are doing to her right now. This can spiral out of control.

    Seen it.

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