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Anybody out there?

Glad to be on this site and I’m hoping to meet many new friends! Bill and Donna, thanks for the referral and I’ll let you know how it goes!need black cockAnybody out there?Anybody out there?

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27 thoughts on “Anybody out there?

  1. Hi there Becky, you’re really beautiful and have a lovely smile. I particularly like the first two photos, ladies look much better in a dress or skirt, any man will tell you. Have you found a bull yet? If and when you have, always wear a dress/skirt for him, with stockings and suspenders (garters where you’re from!), he’ll appreciate it, believe me!

    Please post more photographs of your beautiful self. Your fan club will appreciate it. I know it’s hard finding something to say sometimes, but if you write us a short blog now and then, you will endear yourself to people out here. Everybody likes to get mail!

    Goodbye for now, Beccy. I hope that you find what you’re looking for x

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