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Are you sure Cuckold

Are you sure Cuckold ? Are you sure this is what you want? I mean, I’m ok with it! I’ve been thinking about it ever since you brought up the idea! And now, now that he’s here and I can feel just how big he is, I can’t wait to kiss it, lick it, and suck it, to make him hard. Judging by that little bulge in your pants, you must be ok with it. Why don’t you pull your little dick out and let me see how excited you are. HaHa!! I never realized just how small your dick is until now, feeling his huge cock through his underwear! Awwww, don’t be embarrassed! It’s not your fault you have a tiny dick! Not all men can be blessed like Marcus here. I’ve always had fun playing with your little thing. I just nev realized there was sometthing better, something bigger out there! Thank you for opening my eyes honey! HaHa! After I experience the pleasure of his magnificent black cock, I am sure you will not be able to pleasure me with your little dick, not that you ever really did. But, don’t worry, I love you very much and at least you do have that talented tongue of yours, and, since you are about to become my cuckolded hubby,

I expect you will be using it quite alot performing cleanup on me and Marcus! HaHa!

Are you sure CuckoldAre you sure CuckoldAre you sure CuckoldAre you sure CuckoldAre you sure CuckoldAre you sure CuckoldAre you sure Cuckold

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