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7 thoughts on “Big And Black

  1. what do you mean white bitches endure what? how about petite asian sluts like me and my fiippina friends,our pussy is usuall half the size of a white whore! but believe me,we love those big black,hard,shiny fuck poles spread our small ass cheeks and tight cunt just short of splitting in two! its a feeling like I can’t discribe,being impaled with cock sometimes thicker then our tighs, its painfull but so sexuall satisfying,,its not that we don’t like fuck our white husbands,we do,but none off them come even close to give you that raw,hardcore primal FUCK! not making love,no sir! just fucking,torn apart,cunt and ass stretched and even slightly ript,but so realizing that you know you are a WOMAN fucked without mercy,used and abused by a MAN,A BULL who know how a real woman wants and needs to be fucked everytime she is in heat.

  2. The first part shows what the black man likes to see and that is his black cum all over the white girls face. The same face that all her white society sees and looks at every day but not how the black man has seen it.

    That is a special thrill for her too as she talks with those people and she sees them looking at her face while they talk and she thinks about her black cum covered face and wonders what they would say if they knew.

    The second part is what hooks the white girls and turns them into the willing fuck toys for the black man when they feel that massive black dick sliding into their innocent little white pussy like nothing they ever felt before but want so bad to feel it again.

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