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Bizarre Fantasy With Hot Mom

This might seem crazy, but I want to see my mom get ravaged by a huge black cock! This has been a fantasy of mine for over a year now. I watch mostly milf/interracial porn, and a lot of cheating wife/cuckold porn. I also read a lot of stories about it. And I cum so hard every time. I want to hear my mom screaming as she gets pounded, not knowing that I am in the house, and creep up in to her room and peer through the open door. We have a family friend who is a black guy, and he makes my father look like a child. I always excuse myself to jerk off, when he is over visiting, especially when it is just my mom home. I can’t wait to read what you guys write. The thought of it is already making me hard!
Bizarre Fantasy With Hot MomBizarre Fantasy With Hot MomBizarre Fantasy With Hot MomBizarre Fantasy With Hot MomBizarre Fantasy With Hot MomBizarre Fantasy With Hot Mom

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19 thoughts on “Bizarre Fantasy With Hot Mom

  1. If that is really your mom, then I bet she could easily find BBC to fuck her. She is hot! Black men will fuck her hard! Maybe impregnate her and give you a brother! 🙂

      1. What are you talking about dude no white mom wants to be fucked by a black man. My parents have been together for 15 years now she will never cheat on my dad especially with a back cock

  2. Damn she is a stunning woman and I would love to fuck her married white pussy as you watched. How did yoy manage to get those hot pics of her ?
    would love to see some more if ya got them.
    I am in NYC and I would love to meet up if you guys are closer.
    hit me up
    find me on community

  3. I’m skeptical that this girl whose photos are on tumblr is your mom. Even if that woman was a young teen mom there is no way you are old enough to be on this site

  4. My mom used to bartend and would bring home a different man just about every night (sometimes more than 1) and since we lived in a trailer with paper-thin walls I could hear most everything, not to mention feeling my bed shake since we weren’t on a solid foundation.

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