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Black condoms

I have My Black Lover Bareback love the feel of Hot Black Cum inside of Me. However one time He bought Black comdoms over to the house and told Me since I love Black Cock so much I should have My white hubby put his little white penis in one and maybe it more fun for Me to have a Black colored cock. After cum slut hubby was done cleaning out his wonderfull Black cum I had hubby use it in front of Him as he was fucking me My lover was making fun of him saying it looks black but it is still to small to be a real Black cock. A soon as he was done and put his useless white cum in there. I had him poor out his cum on my tits and then had him lick and clean that cum up. It made My Lover hot again and he got to fuck me a second time that night. My cum slut hubby had to clean Me up again and taste a real mans cum for the second time that night. God I love this lifestyle the bigger the Black cock the harder I cum and wetter I get and bigger my pussy gets. The more I fuck big cocks the more I love it and the more I love it the more hubby loves sloppy secondsBlack condomsBlack condoms

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4 thoughts on “Black condoms

  1. That’s great that you make hubby wear a condom while the black guys go in there skin to skin and when they are finished with you they make you carry a part of them around with you, as it should be.

  2. i am ready to fuck, i will start with feet.rub my cock so hardly to your wife ass to satisfy her need .and fuck at least 5 hour

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