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Black men are so much superior to us

As a white man I know my place in this world. I realize that black males are so much superior to us in so many ways. Especially when it comes to sex. Their cocks are so much bigger and thicker than our small little dicks and they really know how to use them. Our women love them and there is absolutely nothing that we can do about it. We could never satisfy our women like a black man can and it should be our responsibility to see that our wives, girlfriend’s are given to black men for their sexual pleasure. We should gladly help our wives or girlfriends find the well hung black lovers that they need to satisfy the cravings that they have for black dick. Take a look at all the amateur interracial movies out there show white wives being fucked by black men while their little dicked husbands stand by and watch. Look at how much they enjoy that big black dick and how they are crying out in absolute pleasure as that strong black man is fucking them hard and deep. Making them cum like they’ve never cum before. Making them cum like we could never make them cum. It’s a great injustice to our wives not to support their need for the ultimate sexual pleasure that only a black man can bring them. Just look around you at how all the white women walking around with black men or walking around with several interracial children by their side. We should encourage our daughters at an early age to be friends with black boys and to date black guys when they become of age. Let them see how the black race is superior to ours and they will want to have interracial children to strengthen their off springs. It is obvious that white women and black men are made for each other when it comes to sex. They not only do they make such beautiful music together when they make love but the babies they make are even more beautiful. Besides all that there is nothing more sexy and beautiful than seeing a black man making love to a white woman. It is an absolutely awesome sight.Black men are so much superior to us.

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5 thoughts on “Black men are so much superior to us

  1. You are absolutely correct:
    The superiority of the Black
    Man is obvious, especially
    as it relates to sex and their
    ability to satisfy white women.
    The only real way for us white
    guys to show our love for our
    women is to encourage them
    in having the best possible sexual
    experience they can, and that is
    to have sex with BBC (real) Men.
    And the greateshonor is to have
    a beautful baby from a BBC Bull.

  2. Greg,, You are dead right. My wife first got blacked on holiday in Africa. She was chatting to this guy who had a market stall selling carvings. The magnetism between them was almost palpable as they chatted and flirted occasionaly touching one another. I realised that I was not required and wandered off to leave them alone. Later when my wife returned to the hotel she was over the moon with delight and told me that as soon as I had left the guy had propositioned her to which she readily agreed and then proudly told me that for a small bracelet had sold her body to the guy. She was very pleased and proud to become a black man’s whore.

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