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Black rose

Let me say first, that , I know a lot of white women are taking a peak at this interracial sex site. But its a lot more than just this. YOu gotta want it too..yes sex and a Black man are great..together. I used to smirk when I saw white girls going for Blacks, and never thought that one day I would too. I’m 5 foot 1 brunette, maybe 110 in weight. average looks..almost the opposite of what I thought a Black man likes..I never heard of a spade queen before my school we were called black roses.’cause we dated Black basketball players. AT my size..and I pack a punch, so! my 32B-25-34 figure wasn’t too bad. MY MAIN GOAL WAS TO ENJOY HAVING SEX WITH A BLACK MAN sex end of story…If you don’t won’t it..then don’t do it, I said..but I DID. All the other girls were jealous. of us. and called us silly and such. But when I got down with a Brother and we were alone I might dance or whatever he liked. and that big black dick came up..He wanted me as bad as I wanted him! and I got my brains screwed out of my ever lovin’mind! My ex was jealous too, but fuck him. he lost me and he knew it..I put my hair in cornrows and blacked my nails. I called myself jennie mandinko..a young mother out fo’ a Bro. dammit!(smile) Nothing got me hotter than being with a Black man, sucking his dick, jacking him,was a dream cum true. As a result..white women are leaving white men for the Black man, Honey so its your trip. if you care to do it. luv jennie mandinko. wink…wink

Black rose

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