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3 thoughts on “Blonde wife wants to try interracial sex

  1. Okay, Rachel, I’ll comment. Lots of white women feel the way you do. Sexual curiosity and adventurousness is natural. And don’t belive the baloney about “once you go black, you never go back” to white men again. Some of the younger black studs can be overly full of themselves. So consider more mature blacks as partners. My girlfriend’s first bull was 52 years old, and his BBC gave her some of the most exciting and satisfying sex she’d ever had. He really opened her mind. She went on to group sex. Being multiorgasmic, she could enjoy as many as a dozen men taking turns on her. But you just need to explore your own capacity and horizons. As a woman, you have a right to do that.

  2. hello i am henry from brooklyn NYC i am 48 yrs old D/d Free and the girl who wrote yes you should have a more mature black male cause we are more gentle with it and know how to treat a woman as somem young guys just get too rough with it (unless thats your thing) but if you wann atalk about it i am

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