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My Boys Hot Sister

This is my good friends sister who I have dreamed about destroying, and have jerked off to many times. Since we’ve been in grade school she has always worn loose t shirts around the house and tiny shorts. And always give me that big innocent smile. I would give my left nut to get inside her and make her my little slut. She so tiny and petite, I can only imagine what it’d be like splitting that tight pussy in half. I’m sure yall would agree with me that she can definitely get it
My Boys Hot Sister

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3 thoughts on “My Boys Hot Sister

  1. the bitch ain’t innocent. she looks like the blonde college student working at my food court restaurant. i been getting head from her for past 4 months, fucked her once in my car. she gets paid minimum wage, i let her fix her own work schedule and cash under the table. in exchange she give me pussy, head. just ask her she will put out.

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