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Came home on break for her lunch

This girl I mess with on the side works at the same job my girl works at. This chick comes to my house while shes on break to blow me. While my girl is at work without a clue. Me and this girl haven’t fucked all she wants to do is suck me dryCame home on break for her lunch

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3 thoughts on “Came home on break for her lunch

  1. hope your post is real. i own a food court business, hire ladies to work. hired a blonde college girl recently, let her pick her hours, days, around her school work. my deal with her is pussy and head for a flexible schedule. she worked for me a month, then had her work closing shift on a friday night. just her and i closing the store. i just straight up asked her for for blowjob, she laughed it off, but told her i was needed to bust a nut. she got off on being treated like slut, first blowjob was a messy nut in her mouth, in storage room.

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