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18 thoughts on “Canadian Wife wants BBC

  1. Looks like you can handle some serious BBC man meat. I suggest shaving that pussy nice and smooth. A BBC will slide in and out a lot easier if you ain’t dragging hair

  2. I would suggest trimming the pussy hair real shot or shaving it completely. You get hit in your pussy with a BBC and chances are his rod will drag on your pussy hair. It won’t feel real good for the bull and at lot worse for you.

  3. Torpedo,

    Trish shaved her pussy pretty much bald, just a little spot higher up..just about where your nose would be when your licking her…

  4. Hi,

    Trisha had her first good taste of black cock over the weekend, it was amazing watching her mouth work his dick and watching her pretty white pussy getting fucked.
    Ended with her face covered in cum.

    Trish and Ryan

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