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13 thoughts on “Candy Curves

  1. luv the pics of the bitch on all 4s… the reach around and the smile that bitch got on her face while getting that brothas dick….and did anybody else notice the sluts wedding ring…poor white boy done lost his wife to the sexual prowess of a superior black cock!

  2. I’m feeling my boy, BBCBULL, Luvn the the ring, luvin the facial expressions, luvn the titts and nipples, luvn the ass! Damn I think I’m in luv with this white whore! Only thing I’d change is lose the condom and breed that slut!

  3. This slut looks just like my boss. The resemblance is unreal. Although her hair is shorter. Thanks to who ever posted this. Now when she is being a cunt I can picture me shoving my black cock in her mouth to shut the bitch up.
    Does anyone have any information on who this slut really is? Where she is from? I’ll being telling the boys at work about this one for sure.

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