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It’s been awhile and just wanted to drop a video to update and inform everyone that the lifestyle is now my main focus as we now run a clips4sale store and many vids showcasing my encounters I’m always looking for BBC so if your in AZ living or visiting msg me pra3223 at and let’s make some memorable footage @Pamela Thomas lips

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This was one hot night of fucking, we met this BBC through a site and arranged to meet within an hour he was deep inside Mrs inked pussy whilst I watched and wanked he had her coming in droves and they made me stay in the living room whilst they fucked the night way in the morning she came into me and squatted over my face and pushed his cum out he then came up behind her and slipped his cock back inside her whilst I was cleaning her, she then told me she was staying the rest of the day with him and I was to go to work. She did send me some pics though throughout the day and when I went to pick her up he had invited a friend round and they had owned all day fucking her in every hole and filling her with their seed. She gave me her knickers which I have not washed and occasionally sniff when I want @inkedangels sex


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slutty wife vegas trip

went out dancing and my man made me wear this outfit very nasty as i walk through the casino all the guys look and smiled they knew i was going to get fuck hard tonight first club i danced with a big black guy and on the dance floor we started butt fucking and my bare ass was showing and he pulled his black cock out and slammed it deep in my cunt it was big and he pounded my pussy hard before the music was over he shot all his cum deep in my pussy wow it was so warm and hot i climax several times @slutty wife lips

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