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spontaneous meet with BBC after long break

we don’t get to play often these days due to family commitments but last Friday night we had a family event to attend and when it finished a little later than expected we decided to get hotel room instead of drive the 50 mile home, so we managed to find a BBC from adult site who came at short notice at gone 3 in the morning to put a big smile on Mrs inked face and of course to fit her beautiful tight white pussy with an amazing big black cock, it was not long before she was moaning and even though it’s been a while since having BBC it was obvious she enjoys these moments as much now as when we began, even though we only had 2 condoms she was so hot for him, when they had been used that she just took it in her stride and told him to carry on if he wanted. we even managed to full fill one of our fantasy of him fucking her doggy style whilst I was underneath eating her pussy, I came down her throat as he pumped his seed into her and she would not let me get up as he carried on sliding his BBC in to her with it seeping out of her stretched pussy. she is an amazing wife and I cherish her. @inked-angels

spontaneous meet with BBC after long break (more…)

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Tales from the QoS VIP Lounge – Q&A #10


As hosted by: @bigblackbull76

Interview with: @DaphneD (QoS VIP #10)

Hometown: Netherlands, and somewhere close to you

Nationality: 100% Dutch PAWG

Status: Married horny hotwife

BigBlackBull76 (BBB76): Whats up there Party hardy BlacktoWhite sex loving people. Well we are finally back after a little hiatus. Life gets in the way they say especially when your all about living up the life of a Black Bull. There are alot of women and couples to keep happy out there. But of course we need to keep the loyal QoS VIP lounge members happy too and so by popular demand we have returned to bring you another fantastic interview.

Not only is this member the first QoS VIP for 2017 but she is also the BlacktoWhite employee of the month being a recent staff member who joined the team and has done a fabulous job coming on-board and helping to keep the site running smoothly.

Without much further ado, everyone please help me in welcoming @Mrs DaphneD to the QoS VIP lounge. All hail the new queen and BtW employee of the Month. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule working being a hot wife and moderating the BtW site to have a little chat with the BigBlackBull QoS VIP Club host with the most gracious BBC to boast. A toast to you and the hubby and accept a complimentary bottle of Spades from the Good Ol’ club member and President BigBlackBull. We all definitely would love to know a little more about you so lets get right into this.

DaphneD (D-D): Wow. What can I say! I’m honored to be chosen for the Qos VIP lounge interview. Having read the other interviews I’m caught between being nervous and excited, as I am normally a little shy. Yes really LOL. But I would like to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity.

Married horny hotwife DaphneD (more…)

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Petite Indian Wife – 1st time for real

Apologies for the bad camera work, first time we’ve done this. It was my wife’s birthday so I got her two surprises, 1) a blindfold and 2) Jermaine the stripper.
First time she’s ever had another cock and she loved it. If anyone else is interested, she’s looking for big cocked black guys who can cum a lot.
Reply with your pictures if you like to get in touch @mikelknight

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