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Bavarian white slut wife desires to be black gangbanged

Hi. I’m a 52 y.o. married woman from Parkstein, mother of 2 with a good professional job. My husband and I have a dream, we would like to let a couple of BBC US soldiers who are stationed in Grafenwohr really fuck me.
So I started to watch interracial porn films and videos while I masturbated and cum like a slut. Soon I began to fantasize with all those big black cocks imagining how they would fuck me from every hole without mercy. Next step was to buy a big black dildo and fuck my pussy and ass with it while I closed my eyes and thought that I was being fucked wildly by a big black bull. Now I think that I’m finally ready for the last step: to become a real BBC whore. I want to be blacked my husband’s would make films and photos of it for us, would please me more than doing a gangbang with a lot of big black men, all of them taking turns to fuck my mouth, pussy and ass and, after that, filling me with their black seed!! I love oral sex (I think that I’m a great cocksucker and, yes, I swallow it all, too) and facial cumshots (there’s nothing like the feeling of hot, sticky, creamy sperm running down my face, lips and chin). I love anal sex, too!! I’m eager to feel a big black cock pounding hard into my big round ass!!! What do you think? Am I really prepared for that last step? Any volunteers??

Bavarian white slut wife desires to be black gangbanged 2 (more…)

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GF shared

Shared the girlfriend with a buddy I served with.. we both absolutely loved it. She’s bad in all the right ways; currently married.. cheating. Exploring her best and darkest 😉 fantasies. She absolutely loved taking this dude’s 12 inch cock. Happy to have orchestrated and taken part in such a sexually gratifying conquest

GF shared (more…)

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My Dick is smaller than a Clit..Fucking is impossible with this tiny useless accident of Nature. The only way to feel pleasure is watching white Girls getting fucked by Big Black Cocks sometimes twelve times larger than my little white boys loser dick..Smallanduseless

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Well this wasn’t her first bbc

Well this wasn’t her first bbc, first was 3 years ago, she was 35, him, 19. Her roomates grandson,stayed for summer, found pics and video, she told me he was asking her for head,I’m like why you telling me? Told her I was proud of her taking all 8 1/2 inches. Well situation now,very we had split, but got back together In may.she sends me a pic and asks what do you think? Said 9-9 1/2 inches,who is it,she wouldn’t say. well go to her place,shows me the text. It’s her roomates 26 yo mixed race son. He is sexting her,says she’s never seen a bigger dick. Asked me if she said anything wrong. I go well you answer w idk,which you know,means maybe,you say you have a bf? No. i say you want to fuck him,she goes it cause issues. I said as long as you show me,she goes why I sent pics. Well he came back up from Florida last month. He’s downstairs putting clothes in wash, her rooms there. She came out in these tight lil boyshorts, w long shirt,waved him over. She filmed it,all 13 times! So they close for,she gets on her knees,he pulls out this huge cock.she sucks him till fully hard, she then says you gonna fuck me hard,like you said ,pushes her on the bed,kissing,spreads her legs,off w panties,she’s wet af. She says I’ve masturbated alot thinking of yr huge cock. He pulls her legs apart,she pulls them back,he slides in,she’s moaning,going omg,omg. He gets it all in,she’s saying biggest dick in me,ever. He starts fucking her,she’s panting,cums in less than 5 min,she’s like fuck me,they do doggie,she on top,finish w her fav,reverse cowgirl,she’s came like 12 times,his cocks covered,he says he’s bout to cum,she gets up puts it in her mouth,he cums in it,a ton,she swallows it,I’m jerking my 6 in her fast,cumming in my hands,she says I’ve got to swallow if she does,so I do. I suck dick pretty often,I’m pretty much a sissy. Cept I fuck her sometimes. I’m in her clothes most of the time,after fucking him last time,she had him cum in her,then I came over,he split,she let me go down on her,after jerking off on her pussy. She said you love that don’t you? I said yes,I hope you stop fucking me for bbcone day

Well this wasn’t her first bbc

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My chinese wife cheated with black neighbour, “I think”

I’m local chinese guy,
First few years of married life, we have the best time in bed, but I have to work in another country due to new requirements and I let her to live alone for few weeks every 2-3 month but everything still goes smoothly. But after the covid lockdown and I lockup in neighbouring country and can’t come back and she also can’t come to me either.
At that time I start to hear about what she facing currently. One of the neighbour on our condo was married black guy and he also can’t go back to meet up with his family and He live with his colleagues too, all are foreigners.
I heard about him more frequently from her and I’m asking how far did she do anything wrong with him.
She said Only meet at home and cheering up each other to open back the flight inorder to meet up with their respective partner.
That all and nothing more than that, She claim to me.
But my friend told me that black guy visit my home frequently especially on weekends.
I’m start to worried lah, what should I do now.
Any suggestions plzzzz

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My wife went black and I became a cuckold

My wife went to the hardware store to get the list of things I gave her for the project I am working on. A very nice black man in his 30’s helped her and asked about the project and made suggestions. It was near closing time and he helped her to her car with the packages. He asked what I did and she explained that I was in sales and was out of town and She had the list of things to get so he could work on the project this weekend. Knowing I was out of town he asked if he could buy her a drink and innocently enough she said sure. While drinking he was admiring her and undressing her with his eyes and she saw him enjoying looking down her loose top. About half way into the second drink he felt a boob and she smiled and said that’s a no no. He said the temptation was just too strong and he did it again only this time he got a couple fingers on her nipple. She reached up to remove his hand and he would not let go and she was bent over close to him and he kissed her and got his tongue in her mouth. Now my wife is 29 and a very normal woman with normal a sex drive. When he stopped kissing her he said I want to make love to you.

wife went black and I became a cuckold

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