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I’m Almost Ready

I am gorgeous brunette petite 4′.9" Jewish white girl, and I’m being slowly introduced to interracial; I’m a b-cup, 105lbs slim girl, but very sexy.
My boyfriend abd I watch interracial videos together. Lately my white boyfriend started asking me to wear really tight see-through tops without bra, and see-through spandex exercise pants without panties; good thing I have a nicely trimmed pussy.

Also, looks like he bought a 12" BBC Dildo with a 4" girth that he wants me to train myself with, but he doesn’t know that I already have a 9" bbc dildo I play with often.

The funny thing is I have started to get wet whenever my boyfriend whispers in my ear that black men check me out when we walk together at the mall; he also told me that he has arranged for me to get my first black cock to be a 10" inch one, and that soon after he plans to have me used by BBCs in gangbangs. When he tells me those things I get so turned on and orgasms very hard at the thought. Never thought in a million years that black cock was what I would love to experience in my life

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