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Cookies for guys – interracial sex story

Lieza turned her head so that she could breathe into Daryl’s ear. Sexily, under her breath she murmured into his tingling ear. “Honey, they are looking at my titties right now. They can even see my nipples! Does that turn you on baby? Huh? Turn you on that other men, your good buddies, are staring at your wife’s naked titties right now? They can see me playing with your cock baby.” She unzipped him, then quickly, expertly fished his erection out of his trousers as his mind was in free fall and his senses were turning like a merry-go-round. She began to jack him off as she continued to breathe into his ear and whisper sexual imagery.

Within seconds Daryl was ready to cum, but his wife slapped his cock hard then withdrew her hands. She knew it was very near time. His hardness wavered unprotected in the air as his friends gawked briefly at his erection before turning their attentions back to Liez’s perfect plump, firm, hard red nippled nakedness.

Liez slowly stood up, her beauties gradually disappearing form the men’s prurient view. “Theri, lets bring in the little cakes I made for the guys to enjoy! Come with me honey!” Lieza walked from the
room with Theri in tow.

When they reached the kitchen, Liez took some frosted cakes from the refrigerator, setting them on the counter. Theri counted six of them. Three were decorated in one fashion, two were decorated
differently, and one was unfrosted.
Cookies for guys
Theri could not contain her curiosity. “What the hell are these Liez?”

“Well!” Liez chuckle malevolently, “I call them Momma Jane’s Fast Ass Big Hard Cookies.”

Theri knew her friend-of-decades better than to let that drop unnoticed. “OK! So what the hell is in them?”

“Well, lets see, . . . . . I put in lots of butter, carrots, sugar, a little molasses, flour, raisins,
bananas, . . . . . and a few other things.”

“It is the ‘other things’ I am asking about Liez.”

“Oh! Well, let’s see, these three have Viagra in the
frosting. . . . . . . . . And that one you will
notice has no frosting, it is Daryl’s. These two have
a little something ‘extra’ in their frosting, . . . .
. they are for us by the way, Theri.”

“Liez, what are you withholding now? I have never seen you ever use butter in any recipe before; what gives?”

Liez burst out laughing. “God Ther, you never let me get by with anything do you? You are so observant!”

“Fess up Liez!”

“OK, OK! I will give you a hint. Think about the name of the cookies, and what you already know honey!” The smile on Liez’s face was wider than Ther had ever seen it before. “Now remember, Ther, we eat these cakes, then you tell Clint you are going home. You leave and then go down to my bedroom and look in the left die of the headboard cabinet, find my dildo that is like a black cock, then go into the closet until Daryl comes into the bedroom, does his duty and gets on the bed, right?”
“I know the drill Liez, give me a break!”
“Well, then you are clear on what happens after that, right?”
Theri nodded, trying to hide her smile.

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