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Cuck watched

I watched with great anticipation, my wife and her first lover, my dreams of being her cuckold realized right before my eyes! They wasted no time in getting busy with each other and ignoring me, which was fine! The sight of my wife’s naked body against another man was keeping me on edge! And when his cock popped into view, I don’t know who was more shocked, me or my wife! He was huge, long, thick, and hard! My wife wasted no time in wrapping her hands around his meaty pole, and they looked so small as she held him tight! I ruefully noted that my little guy is no bigger than her thumb, but while I pondered this, something happened to make my world turn upside down! They KISSED! And it wasn’t a small peck, it was a lover’s kiss, long, hard, open-mouthed, and wet! His cock grew bigger as her body arched, her hand brushing over her nipples as she moved closer to his body. I hadn’t expected this! I thought it would be more like the porn I watched, but here they are, not having sex but making love to each other! And a horrid thought crawled into my brain:

What if they are falling in love with each other? Have I achieved my sordid dreams only to lose the woman I love because of them? I heard a door slam and a lock click, and only now did I realize they went into our bedroom and shut me out! This wasn’t part of the agreement! Nor was my coming in my pants! I fear I may have really fucked up and lost my wife…

Cuck watched

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