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7 thoughts on “Cuckold couple and BBC

  1. I felt like I had been sharing my wife for years. She was always telling me her BBC in the army stories. So one night I get the crazy idea to see if she was telling me the truth about BBC.. So I hid this big black guy under our bed. And told him when I give the “Okay” To give her the big surprise. So shes laying back on me with my dick up her ass and I say “Okay!” In the dark, I’m holding her legs back and she says “WAIT IS THAT A DILDO?”He grunts and I feel her ass really start pressing on my dick and I hear her say “OH SHIT, OH SHIT!” Then I feel this sawing sensation and shes moaning and he starts speed fucking her.Then I got my surprise. All the sudden I FEEL THIS MASSIVE WET POLE SPLITTING MY ASS, and I”m pinned under them! He spent hours fucking our holes! (AND HE CAME IN MY ASS!!!) NOW WHEN I SEE HER ON WEEKENDS WE BOTH HAVE BBC MONSTER COCK STORIES TO TELL!!!!

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