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26 thoughts on “cuckold couple from Europe

  1. Very nice. It seems the French women that love Back cock on average are much more attractive than other races. God what a cute face and sexy body. I’d love to clean her up.

  2. If you like to have your hands tied I would recommend that they be ties in front of you. That way they can easily be tied to the headboard of the bed.

    1. bonjour ! le message be m etait pas destiné mais si vous le voulez pn peut prendre contacte et faire connaissance .A bt …p etre French BBC

    1. A little bondage can add some spice to yous sex life. I prefer being on top especially when I am cumming. Hands tied behind the back are very uncomfortable in that position. If you are being done dog style you need your arms and hands to help support your head and neck. I am sure that you have had the experience of hard eye contact while your bull takes your pussy and fills it with his man hood

    1. It’s fun on occasion to have my fuck partner tied to the bed. As part of the foreplay I tell what I am going to do with her and emphasize there is nothing she can do to stop me. When I mount her I get and keep hard eye contact as I work myself completely into her. I love the feeling of power over her and her submission to my fucking. As you well know Melissa when you are taken by your bull(s) and fucked senseless the pleasure is beyond description and you will risk everything just to have that experience again. To have his partner willingly, even eagerly submitting time after time to his cock is true sexual power.

  3. My first time to be mounted and fucked by my black bull, while my wrists were tied to the headboard. the feeling of submission to my lover turned me on bigtime.

    1. You have come a long way in the last month. About a month ago you tried your first BBC, since then you have done a threesome or was it more than two bulls and you have experienced bondage while you were fucked. I would assume that you have a very happy pussy and have had more orgasms in the last month than in the last five years.

  4. Torpedo ive had more orgasms in the last month than id had in my entire life up to that point. a lot is thanks to you sweetie. melissa

  5. I prefer to take credit for orgasms that I am directly responsible for. You are the one that had the courage to explore your sexuality and as a result have found newer and higher levels of pleasure. Maybe Vixen will have the courage to take the same steps you have taken. Just a bit of trivia, did you know that 1 marriage in 12 now is an IR marriage, I wonder why that is?:)

    You should think about sharing the pleasures you are experiencing with your white friends. I have found that a core group of men and women with frequent visitors keeps things interesting. It can also serve as a great introduction to IR fucking for the women that might be a bit unsure. There are more than enough orgasms to go around.

  6. Torpedo i do have one really close girl friend whos single and is very interested in bbc. ive confided in her in all my exploits.

  7. Some people find being watched and watching to be a great turn on. Watching someone getting thoroughly fucked and knowing that it will be happening to you can really light your fire. Then there is the satisfaction of introducing a friend to an amazing amount of pleasure. It is something that all friends should do for each other. The main thing is to be discrete. I am sure you would love to scream to the world you have a bull fucking you to heights of pleasure you didn’t even know existed, but your personal life won’t allow that. How are you doing with your husband? Does he remain clueless?

  8. Torpedo my hubby is so involved in sports and playing golf that sex is almost a chore. a blow job and a fuck once in a while and hes happy.

    1. For a lot of people monogamy and monotony are a lot alike. I have never agreed with the concept that you body can belong to anyone other than yourself. If your needs aren’t being met then by all means find someone(s) to fill your needs. If I have a choice between a game of golf or getting laid I’ll go for the pussy every time. Fucking is a great workout. for the heart and a lot more fun than golf or tennis. Your husband’s loss is your bull’s gain.

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