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Cuckold couple fun

Oh, it’s so close, and it used to be mine! Oh, gawd, my balls ache so much, I want her so badly, but she won’t have me, even if she is my wife! Shit, look at the size of his cock, and how easy he fits inside her! Would she even feel me if I tried? Gawd, she is beautiful! Did…did he just come inside her? He’s pulsing like he is! I wonder if she’ll sit on my face when he leaves. She used to, and I did like that, but she hasn’t in so long! Why does she make me do this? Bad enough I have to watch, but to never touch! It’s not fair! I didn’t ask to be a small dicked white boi! Oh, she’s so close! Just…. Just lean back a little more…

Cuckold couple funCuckold couple funCuckold couple funCuckold couple fun

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