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Cuckold (fantasy) video

She needs more than 5"

Someone who is sexual enough to stay hard for as long as she needs.

Wouldn’t think of cuckolding a girl like her. At the same time I can tell she’s not enthused with the sex.

If you’re not "equipped" is it your job to find a bull to satisfy them?
I watch cuckold interracial porn all the time. My girlfriend caught me making fakes of her sucking BBC. I don’t know if that changed her opinion of me, or our sex life. I hope not. However, she stares at black men whenever we drive past them now.

I impressed her with this video. But I’m worried it’s going to cross from fantasy to reality.

Anyone else "want" to watch, but are too afraid to loose your girl to BBC?

5 thoughts on “Cuckold (fantasy) video

  1. Did the same to my wife showed her pics,videos of black cock. She also stares,at them now,but denies wanting to try BBC.

  2. I just watched my wife fuck her ex boyfriend, it is a long story as to how and why and would love to talk to a women about it to get a different point of view

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