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Cuckold wife with her black lover

Cuckold wife with her black lover. The image burned into my brain! Not her naked with her black lover, his huge, thick cock deep inside her tight snatch, although I will never forget that! No, it’s the look she gave me, her eyes locking onto mine when I discovered them like this. No alarm, no worry, no panic. A slight smile, as if she knows what my reaction will be: hurt, pain, agony, denial, and…lust! But mostly, her eyes, as if she was daring me to feel differently!

My cock swells against my zipper as she blows me a kiss, then back to the incredible pleasures her lover is giving her body and mind, pleasures my little cockie never could nor never will give her! She knew this was inevitable, hell, I knew this was going to happen one day! I’ll leave my wife to her lover and go wrestle with my new feelings, the feelings of a cuckold…

Cuckold wife with her black lover

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