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Cuckolding my little husband

Hi there. I’m very nervous about this and not sure how to start this so I guess I’ll jump straight in and hope your understand. I’m a 42 year old married woman and up until very recently I thought I was totally frigid, it didn’t occur to me that the problem was my husband. It’s not his fault and I still very much love him but thanks to the web I now understand that he is a) quite small – just over 3.5in erect b) very premature – he usually comes within a minute inside me c) a useless lover – too timid and nervous in all respects.

So I set about doing something about it and was determined to do it without hiding it from Nick (my husband). Thanks to the web I found about cuckolding and decided this was what I wanted. It has taken me a very very long time to get Nick to accept it but using both carrot (showing myself while explaining my ideas) and stick (threatening to send pics of him nude to his friends & work colleagues and finally actually doing it to a couple of them) I think he is slowly learning to accept and maybe occasionally enjoy it.
cuckolding my  husbandcuckolding my  husband

Now I feel I’m making up for all those years of useless lovemaking and I’m desperate for black cock – long hard black cock deep inside me making me cum. I love to explore new kinky ideas, love obscene language, love being blatant and love long fucks. I also enjoy it up my arse, I like to suck cock and although I’m a little ashamed to say it at my age I like dressing and being treated like a slut.

cuckolding my  husband
It’s not essential that Nick watches and he still says he prefers not to, but I do admit to getting a kick out of looking in his eyes as I orgasm. Ideally I’d like to find a guy who is as much into humiliating him as I am. The only sex I now allow him is with a rubber doll or as a special treat I occasionally wank him into the toilet. I’ve tried some other things too like dressing him in a baby- doll and pissing on him, he accepts them now no problem and admits to prefering sex this way. I’m still exploring this so if you have ideas to humiliate him that would be great.

cuckolding my  husbandcuckolding my  husbandcuckolding my  husbandcuckolding my  husband

Love Ariel

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27 thoughts on “Cuckolding my little husband

  1. Just like my husband tiny cock and useless with it. I dress him as my French maid now and he gets to lick my pussy clean from my lovers cum. I loved the story almost word perfect for my life so far. But like you I am changing it.

  2. Hi Ariel,
    love your sexy pics very much and specialy first 2 pics made my small TV Slut cock hard.
    my hobby is to photoshop white ladies as you are who wanna see how they look with a bbc lover… if you wanny try to see it contact me

    kisses gina

  3. You should fuck a BBC with a condom. Then put that filled condom on your hubby’s small cock. And make him cum in it. Once he cums feed him both loads. Get him used to watching and wearing used filled condoms from ur BBC lovers ! Take pics and share!

  4. Perfect juicy ass body, mmmmmm I dont know where you located but if your in california, hit me up, Im in northern cali in Dublin

  5. We my wife still fucks me, even though she does other guys. I got a 7″ and use it well, so she likes me for sex still. She has been doing it for over ten years.
    But she did get our daughter into it when she was still a teenager, it was indescribable. My wife gets of more now from watching others get it for the first time.
    If you have a daughter Ariel you will eventually try to bring her into it, it’s like drugs with this thing and you go to the next level. Because you will get tired of it or want other to have it with you.

  6. Do what you need to do. Go enjoy a real mans cock while humiliating hubby. Could you imagine the look on his face when he sees you gobbling up a 12 inch black cock.

  7. Want to humiliate him? Invite your black lover over and invite some of your girlfriends over and make hubby strip and show his teeny weenie next to your black lovers big cock. Make hubby kneel and kiss your lovers cock then have him thank your lover for fucking you properly. Have hubby ask your black lover to piss in his mouth. The girls will be hysterical with laughter and your hubby will be so humiliated.

    1. OMG my wife did this to me. I have a 3.5″ cock too. She, my wife invited her 2 sisters my sister and a few of her girl friends over along with 3 Black guys. I was forced to strip and the girls all laughed. I had to also lick the Black cum from my wife and sister and sister in laws also lick the Black cocks too.

  8. You are Gorgeous.. I love watching my Black Bf with other sexy women such as yourself… I don’t like to be selfish 🙂 Would like to contact you in some way!

  9. I have A wife who is cuckolding me. She has sex with several Black men. I have a very small cock 4″ erect. I haven’t had sex with my wife in over 3 years and we are married for 4 years. As my wife had no longer need me to get pregnant she had her sister, who is a urologist, castrate me. I had it done willingly I believe all white men should be castrated

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