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Difference between making love and interracial sex

Stop sobbing honey. You asked me what the difference between making love & sex is. I’m demonstrating it to you.
Making love is such a silly word honey. It’s a euphemistic word invented by white women to mock their men on their faces without their knowledge, to infer that what they tried last night definitely doesn’t qualify as sex. It’s only a real man, and by that I mean the black man, who has sex with the white woman… steamy, wild, animallistic, unadulterated, celestial sex, not some sissy making love.

For a white woman making love ends with a fake orgasm to massage her white man’s ego. Sex (with the black man) ends with a real orgasm while heatedly swearing at the frailty of her white man (sometimes while he watches).

Honey, it’s just like a white man having a penis, or as I like to rightly call it pee-pee. A real man has a black cock as long and thick as your forearm[media id=846 width=590 height=443]My wife loves riding fat black dick, maybe yours does as well! Watch mine do it. I got tons of full length movies here at Personal Clips!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Difference between making love and interracial sex

  1. I gotta say something. This is nonsense. It if was true, white women would be fucking wart hogs or rhinos. Has anybody heard of zoos being looted for those critters? I didn’t think so .My white girlfriend started doing black men, but she continued doing white men like me as well.

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