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Do black guys notice me?

If I were walking down the street, would black guys even notice me? would they think I was hot? would they try to pick me up? would they want to fuck me? what would they do to me? could I handle it? just wondering where I stand with them…do black guys notice me?do black guys notice me?do black guys notice me?do black guys notice me?

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20 thoughts on “Do black guys notice me?

  1. As long as you remember to dress provacativley, smile, and do everything the black gemtlemen tell you to do, you should be successful in getting black men to be attracted to you and have sex with you.
    Good Luck and keep us informed of your progress.

  2. damn ur fine! what would i do to u? it would involve my black 9 inch python, poundin ur tight little ass. see if u can handle that.

  3. I think these pictures would look better with about 4 brothas lining up to take turns running a train on this fucking hot little tease.

  4. Yes they would go crazy for you, who wouldnt? you look amazing!! Im white and would die to have you as my girl… I would love to see you with the biggest black dick out there!

  5. Hi.
    I’m a Nubian Dom and Pornographer, from London, England.
    I’m curious- is there any American or Canadian Black-cock loving Gals in London.
    Sure would love to me them.
    As for any British Female members on this site, and if you are from London,I seek you to make amatuer interracial porn.

  6. notice you?? fuck yes we would notice that from a few blocks away. I would bend you over your bathroom sink and pound on you until you could barely walk. when i finished i would cum all over your face so you could take picts to send to your bf to show him how a real man would tear your shit up.

  7. I’m a white guy and want to see you fucked by a black man. Its my fantasy to see hot white girls fucked by black men.

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