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13 thoughts on “Do i look good enough?

  1. Beleave me your good enough .wow your look like you taste so good .I would love for you to wraped around my bbc. If ever in chicago hit me me up you will bring all my fantsy to life. If you want some pics email me akmi .at hot mail . Co

  2. Most women have a greater capacity for cock than they realize. The only way to determine what you can handle is to find a hung bull and see if he fits. The majority of women that try the BBC only regret they didn’t start sooner. If you go through a few pages of the posts here and read the comments you will find a lot of women that have went the BBC route and are quite happy with it.. Plus there are a lot of young SBM from all over the country that you can make contact with to get your world rocked and your pussy stretced

  3. Torpedo the black bulls ive hae , just keep working it in, until theyre in all the way. then the pleasure begins for both of us. i do love my bbc.

  4. Part of my pleasure is working my cock into a woman’s pussy, of course once I’m in things do tend to get more intense.

    1. I have a group of around 15 men and women that I belong to. I have plenty of variety and unless there some exceptional circumstances I don’t go outside the group. I am probably somewhat more “mature” than you would be interested in.

  5. You have a beutiful body for 45 yr old wow how i would fuck that cunt of yours. i’d fuck you till you pass out wiht pleasure probably give hot flushes!

  6. hi love your pics you posted. would love to chat more and know more about you. i live in Indiana. hit me up whenever.

  7. it would be nice to meet you and have a nice time i am fit fun and yours if you can handle my bbc
    babe free wkds andy .x

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