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Easiest decision of her life

Question to women and boys. Hi all. This is chris. i have recently become aware that my cock size is actually not as big as i once thought. i originally measured in my early 20s (now i am 30) and thought i had 6.5 to 6.75. then recently i realized that when i measure correctly, by not pushing the ruler down to the pubic bone, i am really 5.5 to 5.7″ long by 5.75″ all the way wide. So i am pretty thick… Anyway, i was a bit humiliated and shocked. To go with my very boyish frame 5’11” 155, i feel even less of a man since my discovery. Honestly, do you think that a HOT woman who likes me very much will be very dissapointed when she sees me naked? Anyone, please let me knowEasiest decision of her life

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3 thoughts on “Easiest decision of her life

  1. The choice of a little white cock or a nice huge beautiful black one. Black mem always have those nice juicy man sized cocks.

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