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Fantasy or reality

My gf loves me. She loves my ave (6 plus inches) cock and I make her cum llike crazy. We really have a good sex life. But I love the idea of her getting fucked by a huge black cock.. and making me
clean her up….

We do have a couple of big fake cocks (Black of course) that we use as well. I lick her clit while I fuck her with them. I get her to say that she loves that big black cock so much. I also get her to tell me my cock is too small and make me masturbate in the mornings because it is not big enough to fuck her like the big one that fucked her last night. I have also gotten her to make me eat her pussy
clean every time I cum in her and call me her clean up boy. We also talk about her imaginary boy friend who fucks her regularly (11 inch black cock) She has agreed to go out with me to an interracial bar and flirt a little with black guys in front of me. I have told her if she wants the real thing it is OK with me. She is VERY insistent that this is just a FANTASY and if it happens for real it would ruin
our otherwise very loving relationship.

Has anyone else ever been in this situation? What should I do? Do I really want it to happen for real or is it a fantasy only? Help me out whit your thoughts pleaseFantasy or realityFantasy or realityFantasy or reality

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16 thoughts on “Fantasy or reality

  1. you want it, you know you do. and that bish is hot as hell and needs the african man. get her to write bbc on her next time.

  2. yes been in that position, 7 years ago my wife tried bbc with a guy has was hung with 9″ & incredibly thick,she was hooked from the moment she saw it.
    my wife now has a black fuck buddy who she prefers to fuck although she still fucks me regularly, sh just prefers her bull.

  3. wow man i could have written that . we arein the same boat , my wife thinks about blk cock as well . so that is why im arranging to meet a blk bull this week . she doesnt know yet but she will in 2 weeks time when they meet , fantasie will become reality .

  4. Hi,

    My name is Jay.I’am a good looking black male.What part of the U.S do you guys live in???Yes,

    You want it to Happen.Come to Phx, Arizona and i can Help you guys.Email me if you guys wanna chat or meet.Have a great day..


  5. I’m not there yet (that’s why name is Imagination). However, I can tell you that love is love and sex w/ BBC is just that: sex. In the end, she loves me and shares every moment with me. I just want to have “variety” and see her fully satisfied by BBC; it’s sexy and turns me on. I just want to see her pussy stretch by BBC.

  6. Thanks all for your comments. We both like the idea of sex with a black bull, but my gf considers that to be only fantasy and she is not ready to do that in a real life. I want her to become a slut for black guys, to fuck them and to make me watch and wank my white dicklet!

  7. What up,

    I’ve been a can of this site for a bit and don’t comment but for some reason felt compelled to say something. I’ve like interracial since I started watching porn and the sharing thing came later when I was introduce to it watching a porn with my girl. It’s like you kinda go with how you feel and much like you guys I was instantly turned on. Alot of people would say it is what it is and it’s just you, but the more I learn the more I realize nothing is set in stone. I enjoy many different fetishes but till now I haven’t found anything that turns me on as much as thinking about my girl getting fucked with a big black dick with her pretty toes locked behind his back and I dont mean a little black dick like some I see here I have a big dick so he has to have a monster. However
    sometimes I feel like a nut and sometimes I don’t. I’m a thinker so I wonder why does this turn me on and it’s simply the power of suggestion. See the thing is as people we get caught up on things and think it is this way and always will be like all things have a solid definition, but they don’t. An open mind is what got you into this lifestyle so obviously another man’s way wasn’t for you so you did your way. The point is it will always be your world to create. The fact you have these fetishes was a counter to the unnecessary pressures in society to measure up. We all are born different but not just looks and sizes my chemistry and hormones yet we were always taught a man should be this or be that but there is no actual definition only what someone else suggested. To be a cuck is cool and if you like that all the time than fine for me I like it sometimes but there are things that come with it that I don’t like, i like being a bull sometimes, i like to dominate sometimes and I like the exclusivity of my relationship but each person should find the right balance for their own situation. Remember the minute you label yourself something like a cuck then that’s what you are. Much like you aim to please your woman to the fullest by getting her what was suggested to you as the best sex. She will want you to do the same for you and if her getting fucked by other man is what does it for you then she will think she can only satisfy you by doing it. Some women want that black dick but honestly most women don’t care it all depends on her past just like the things of your youth that drove you to like it like feeling inadequate then being insecure. I thought for the longest time I had a little dick cuz I only compared it to the giants of main stream porn after looking at amateur porn and actually exposing myself to multiple partners I found out u was way above average and had a few females praise me for my size. So now my perspective had changed of course the old way of thinking had already done it’s damage and I still get turned on by cucking and interracial but feet will always be my favorite. Anyway my girl and I have a saying” sex is what we do, not who we are. ” the point in all this is remember your the one in control and not the suggestion bso have fun and live life, explore to find yourself and although cucking is a way for men to show their feminine side, your still a man. Also I watch alot of porn and I can tell you with absolutely no doubt in my mind that white guys have just as big dicks as black guys and black guys have just as small dicks as white guys. All in the power of suggestion, I personally just like the contrast. To add I’ve had many sex partners and half of them including my current girl have dated black men and of course I questioned their size and they say they vary, some were much bigger than mine and some not. So ask why me and they say I fuck them better even my girl tells me now that if she sleeps with someone else it wouldn’t be as good and she only cums so hard when I strap on the monster because it’s me using it. Not having a big cock as a youth made me study the pussy more of course my girlfriend says I would be the shit if I had a ten inch cock, so it sucks not having one but in the end she knows it’s me that gets her there and her and the others I’ve taken from black men know that my seven and a half is much better than most with ther ten inches especially these fat out of shape guys on here that you guys let fuck your girls. I know if I let my girl fuck another guy he better be a Tyson beckford with a python between his legs and the mutha fucka better know how to use it….

  8. I know that many white men get excited when they see interracial sex scenes and the fantasy of his wife having sex with black studs is even more arousing for each of them. I want to see my gf with huge black dick, I want to see the please on her face when this black shaft would bang her and fill her mouth with hot cum!

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