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Finally I think I know what I need..

Hi I’m Lucy, 28yo married from UK.. been happily married for 3 years but somethings missing from our relationship. We have spoke about this, and both agreed I should be able to try bbc at least once in my life.. my husband has always built me up and told me how sexy and beautiful I am lol.. but I’d like to hear it from someone else. Possibly someone bigger ☺️

Finally I think I know what I need..Finally I think I know what I need..Finally I think I know what I need..

3 thoughts on “Finally I think I know what I need..

  1. Hi babe, you should let that asshole be filled by several random black bulls and you should start being a BBC SLUT ASAP!!! Let your hubbie watch and clean and suck together those cocks 😘

  2. Sexy you are……My wife has had a black lover on and off for 20 years. She likes long term. She has been with her current bbc for 6 years. He like her is married so it’s a FWB (he’s 15 years younger than her). They meet regularly in hotels and do the occasional overnight. Make sure you and your husband are both committed to each other and neither suffer from jealousy otherwise your heading for problems.

    I don’t get involved with my wife and her bbc meets but when she comes home after her meetings she is so horny still it’s incredible.

    Good luck and enjoy it. My wife loves her bbc sessions. He’s 9″ and very thick, my wife reminds me of this with the occasional photo when she’s playing.

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