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First time cuckold

Yoursexy blond wife is now in the first stage of Black Cuckold conversion in five minutes from now she will no longer desire anything other than Big Black Cock

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4 thoughts on “First time cuckold

  1. The “conversion” of white women to BBC doesn’t necessarily make them give up sex with white men. Basically it means they’ll continue to fuck black men, no matter who else they may do also. That’s my experience, anyway. While I was working out of state, my girlfriend was propositioned by a black guy twice her age. She accepted. He broke her in to BBC and after a couple of months began sharing her with his friends, too. When I returned, I found her a changed woman. Now her sex life was “dominated” by about half a dozen black guys to whom she was available on a regular basis. But she and I reconnected all the same, given that I accepted the fact that she’d become a BBC slut.

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