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For the Black guys who always Holla

Everywhere i go black guys ask me out ir wanna know if I’ve been with a black guy and why noy…but lately I’ve been flirting with guys at the store and the other day i felt tjis black guys cock…OMG!!! I so need to feel that deep in me, but im too nervous to go on with it ….For the Black guys who always HollaFor the Black guys who always HollaFor the Black guys who always Holla

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12 thoughts on “For the Black guys who always Holla

  1. If you have no sense of adventure you will have no adventures. If a BBC craves you just go with it. He will know what to do.

  2. Honestly every mature white wife needs to experience, the AWESOME Orgasm’s,,that only Big Black Seed can deliver,,throw your Toy’s away, admit your panties are Soaked,,around those Black Thug’s. Husband’s should have enough ball’s,,to give ”Us” what we Really Need. Sincerely Christine. ps Yes I’m turned on,,when your Forward, in front of hubby.

    1. I have never agreed with the concept of monogamy. Fucking only one woman for my entire life? It sure didn’t happen with me. That pussy between your legs belongs to you and whoever you choose to share it with. If you are an adult and want some to try new experiences or expand your horizons it’s you body, get it while you can

  3. I was nervous too but yesterday i did it. i took my first black cock and torpedo was so right. youll wonder why you waited so long to be blacked. i cant wait for my next fuking

    1. Pussy’s like cocks come in all sizes. Some women need to have 9 thick inches or more between their legs to give them the ultimate pleasure. And whether any white husband or BBC bull wants to admit it a properly motivated woman is pretty much unlimited in the pleasure she can handle or give. I’ve seem more than one woman screw 2 or 3 big bulls limp and still be ready for more.

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