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Fuck me my Master

My daughter’s black Master is even older than she, but atleast now I understand why she’s dating him!
This black Master got a huge black cock!
I’m glad she’s sharing him with me since he got her preg!
I guess she wants to keep him close to home, but what happens if he knocks me up too?
Will my friends take care of him? Fuck me my Master

I tell you my collection is HUGE! Loads of interracial movies where my beloved wife gets nailed by her black boyfriends. Too big for here, uploaded to PersonalClips!!

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9 thoughts on “Fuck me my Master

  1. Tiny white male penis just can’t compete. The percentage of fine white girls at the mall lately who are showing off new black babies in their strollers is a beautiful thing. It’s the Now & the Future.

  2. Beautifully Made!
    A sexy and dramatic
    production – with excellent
    chemistry between the
    servant and her BBC Master!
    Two thumbs (and penises) up
    for this production!

  3. This clip only proves what the future holds . The black man will take over the white race putting all white males to work , while having his woman for breeding and pleasuring the entire black race.. To see a white woman walking naked down the street arm in arm with some brothas will not be a uncommom sight .

  4. Excellent – but why is her face
    concealed? She should be proud
    and honored that this BBC bull
    would pleasure her. I guess she
    doesn’t want her friends and family
    to be jealous of her – they think she’s
    just screwingf her tiny white hubby! lol

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