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Fuck my wife

My wife learned to love Big Black Cock watching porn and now she won’t get off unless there’s a big black cock in site. Time to give her the real thing! We look for few good men to use her like a whore for one night. I will not participate but will watch and film for our private use. Let us know if you’re interestedFuck my wifeFuck my wifeFuck my wife

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7 thoughts on “Fuck my wife

  1. I want to feel something real
    I want to taste your lips
    I want to drink my fill of you
    smell your perfume on my bed

    I want to feel you tremble
    I want to feel you quake
    I want to hear you cry my name
    when the bedposts start to shake

    I want to make you burn for me
    I want to feel your hunger grow
    I want to make you ache for me
    whenever you are all alone

    I want to pin you to the bed
    I want to drive you wild
    I want to dive deep inside
    and ride you through the night

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  2. Hey dude,
    Your wife reminds me of my white girlfriend. Beth also liked watching porn, and got turned on to black men from it. So, when I was on a job project elsewhere, she took the opportunity when an older black guy propositioned her for sex, and she went for it. She told me about it right afterward, that it had been a wonderful experience. And, she didn’t want it to be a one and done. So I said fine. Feel free to do it again if you want.
    So she let that guy keep fucking her till he had her thoroughly broken in to his BBC. And then she told him she wanted to take on more black men, too. He took her to a party and turned her over to his friends, who passed her around like a bottle of Wild Irish Rose.
    Beth said it was the most thrilling adventure in her whole life.

  3. is it my imagination or do I see the word LIMA written at the top of her cunt hair? Nice arabic name look like you have a hot middle eastern slut on your hand and we need to get few Brothers with huge cocks to service her holes while you watch and wank. We will film it all for you so you can jack off to LIMA being the true whore she deserves to be

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