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Fulfilling My Boyfriends Fantasy

My boyfriend has been wanting me to sleep with other men, and have him watch and participate. His only rule is that they can’t be bigger than him. But what he doesn’t know, is the thought of getting destroyed by a thick strong black cock makes me so wet. I’m getting horny now thinking of showing him what you guys say you want to do to me.Fulfilling My Boyfriends FantasyFulfilling My Boyfriends FantasyFulfilling My Boyfriends FantasyFulfilling My Boyfriends FantasyMYPIC6

15 thoughts on “Fulfilling My Boyfriends Fantasy

  1. First of all, drop your skinny ass to the floor and wrap those juicy lips around my thick meat slab and show your man just how much you love SLOBBING down a fat black cock!

    After that, bend your sweet little ass over and reach back spreading those ass cheeks open and them pretty pussy lips open so my Black shaft has access to your tight pink hole. Try not to run when I’m sliding this Black python cock inside your little white girl pussy >:)

    while Im pounding that pink pussy you can look up and tell your BF how good Black cock feels while he is filming the entire cum-fest 😀

    1. If I were her boyfriend I’d film, then lick and suck you both clean when you finished gaping her and filling her full of bull cum from your huge beautiful BBC.

  2. I will put you on a long chain attached to your body via your pierced nipples and take control of your body during your first Alpha Black Cock (ABC) Team Fuck Fest. You are going to be locked in a hotel room until you have been, rebored, ravaged, ruined and learnt to reject inferior white cock. After you have been barebacked, filled and filmed taking black seed in every one of your greedy holes; I’m going to lead you around the room by your tit chain to demonstrate your totally submission. I’m then going to send the GIF to your boyfriend with a tag line of you telling him your an ABC girl only from this day forward, deal with whiteboi!

  3. I can be your husband and fullfil all your fantasies. I can fuck you everyday. All day and all night and cum over and over again. In that nice pussy and in that nice ass. And then you can give me a blowjob and cum in your mouth. And make you mine my love. And be my lovely queen.

  4. You are gorgeous !! If I were your boyfriend you would definitely be getting black fucked and destroyed by huge BBC. The only rules I would have are: (1) They MUST be Clean and disease free! (2) you go bareback. (3) I get sloppy seconds anytime I want. 🙂

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