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Getting excited for monday night footbal

Soooo this is my first time being the half time show for my husband and his work buddies… I have no clue what to wear. Obviously they are black and i am concerned i wont be able to control myself if they start touching me wpid-01230130-image.jpg

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10 thoughts on “Getting excited for monday night footbal

  1. Wear anything short and black or that frilly white thing. Then be prepared to be touched. Then get ready to lose your mind and your control. Wanna be there.

  2. If you are the half time show then you are meant to be touched do he already knows what you going to do that’s why he did it

  3. Well it happened and the skimpy outfit i was wearing didnt last…. Everything was so overwhelming and such a tight fit but nothing was like them pushing me to my knees and grapping my hands and putting them on their cocks until they were massive…. Completely lost control and am now craving more…..

  4. hi am jesse a black guy for white chick I fck pussy hard day n night.whatsap me am at joburg n germiston but I sty at palm ridge

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