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Hot gf thinks about black guys

Hey Im 22 yr and just moved to USA with my boyfriend. I’ve been with him for 3 years. Just still loves him, our relationship is almost perfect, never been unfaithful to him, didnt thought about other guys until I met many good looking black guys in US… I been curious about black guys for a longer time, because they have better physical abillity, more attractive to me, and also there are almost no black men in Slovakia republic, so it wasnt possible to meet them. The black guys I’ve met are really nice to me in US, sometimes want to chat with me, ask for my phone number.. I feel guilty a little bit about that.. I thought that my boyfriend is the right person for me with whom I will spent my life, but Im not sure now… I found out that Im able to open my hearth for someone else… I feel that many things are different now – have to admit that I want meet handsome black guys, known them better, go with them to the clubs, or to the gym.. and my desires are also hook up with one of them.. I want to know your opinion. Is it wrong? May I forget about them and be still with my boyfriend or open my hearth and wait what happens in the future? I also know that Im not a model, but I would like to know what you guys think of me. Do you like me?

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40 thoughts on “Hot gf thinks about black guys

  1. I visited bratislava twice in the past 5 years . Yes black men are few. But u sexy slovaks love black cock. I’m moving to America California in 2017 drop me an email and let’s chat. Your pictures are very beautiful . U sexy. I would like to get to know you

  2. forget your white bf, dont be afraid of what you want. go to local shopping mall food court, sit down next to a table of young black guys, just talk to them. they will invite you to their car, their crib or where ever you feel comfortable. my suggestion is the food court, tell them you like black rap music, you can go their car in parking lot, and suck your first black dick

  3. Hey! Be honest with him. Expect sincerity what you want and feel. And if he accepts, the couple is very happy.,very,very very happy. Kisses from Brazil

  4. from looking at your gorgeous photos, you are definitely made for Black Cock, and my advice to you, as a husband to a Hotwife, you should follow your heart and at least sample some black cock, maybe you should think of telling your BF that you have been having these thoughts? You might be surprised and find out that he would like to watch you with a black male? If he does not, then do you really want to spend your life being told what you can and cannot do? relationships are a 2 way process and you should grow together, experiencing as much as you can together. have fun

  5. I agree with “inkedangels.” Talk to your boyfriend about your feelings and/or one night watch some interracial porn with him and tell him how it turns you on. My wife has been fucking black guys for over three years now. She loves it and I love watching her. She has no desire to leave me for a black guy. Why would she? She has me and her black cock too:)

  6. Ahoj.
    Jsem Jana z Čr. Před rokem jsem řešila stejný problém…:)
    Bylo by super mít tady kamarádku jako ty, ze Slovenska.
    Ozvi se :))

  7. You’re gorgeous. I have one advice for you. Black guys will be more happier if you get tits augmentation. Believe me. You will be satisfied with result.

  8. Hello little sister. On first, you have a very beautiful body ! Second, i am in the same situation as you, i have a boyfriend ( white ) i’m in love for he, and have black lovers also. Sometimes you have to separate your desires and feelings, my boyfriend agrees, you know it takes if you wants to go far with black men !
    Cindy 23 yo from France.

  9. you should not be ashamed of what you desired.. Dont think about your boyfriend beautiful girl, a lot of black guys want to make your pussy wider 😉

  10. Always follow your heart. I think your heart wants to be with black men and you should follow it. Hook up with as many black men as you can!

  11. When you moved to USA, you only find out that your boyfriend cant compete with black guys! You know what it means.. you will still think about black man penetrating yur gorgeous body! if you try resist it will be harder and harder for you every day. You cant resist, so please give up! Its time to black. Break up with your pathetic boyfriend and give a chance to black guy you need!

  12. When you cheat on your man, you cannot help but addict him to your mixing of fluids. Your desires with this other man encourage it. You cum harder and these juices concentrate more and your man is addicted to you, and will be addicted to your scent with the other men soon. I know many cheating wives have calmed down the angry BF or husband when they secretly fed him her juices from sex with other men. Whore did this hundreds of years ago to get a guy hooked on cleaning her. Read this in a old historic article about 1600’s.
    Once he got a taste for the goo he would begin go down after he came. this was the sign they used to push him into watching her with other men and encouraging his oral needs to clean the goo. All of which she baited by lacing things with her scent and sperm into his sense’s. My Ex use to place her panties over my face as I slept. I caught her at it a couple of times but it was too late to stop the desire she wanted me to want. A guy hooked on pussy goo cannot turn it down and it seems to over ride his other male issues. Alpha males become beta males and serve the woman. Most husbands begin to complain the wife is not getting enough men because he is addicted to her concentrated juices loaded with sperm. They have a desire to clean and become the best pussy lickers you will ever try. All the guys I know whom have been turned do not fight it forever, They submit to the female in heat and being her pussy cleaner obsesses him more than his pride.

  13. Very pretty girl and its good to see someone like you here. I am sure we are all happy and excited to see you and now what’s next?

    I am sure there’s a lot BBC men here who would love to have you and devour you in seconds…lol and who wouldn’t?

    If you are real and a live I would love to hear from you by posting something back here. Sorry, too many fake people or people who pretend to be someone else. I don’t see the purpose or the reason.

    I may not be a BBC man but surely love to chat with you and see how it goes. I do NOT post nude pix of me, neither I will email them. To see the full package you must meet to see it to prove it.

  14. Ahoj…soonest you get with black man of your choosing…if it makes both of you will be seen in your lovemaking…not just fucking…Bye

  15. You’re beautiful you say you’re not a model I wouldn’t believe that for second if you want to talk email me can’t wait to hear from you

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