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Happy white bride

Nine guys showed up, and, man did they give L some great fucking! Two hours, almost non-stop. She came and came and came, and received over 20 loads of cum in her pussy. These guys were greathappy white bride

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7 thoughts on “Happy white bride

  1. Very lucky white girl! Her sore white pussy must be smiling!
    How will she know who is the father in nine months?? It doesn’t really matter ’cause, no doubt, her white hubby would (and should) be honored to raise the child.

  2. Good white couple, know the true order of life. white husband gives his new wife to the black masters on their wedding day. Hes never had or will have her body and pussy. . Yes 9 months time i would love to see the picture of her about to drop her precious load,

  3. Best way to start a marriage having Blacks use your wife> I know that’s how my husband and I started our Marriage and it wworks weel. % yrs now and still doing Blks

  4. I am a married white women 26 years old and married 3 yrs. I was introduced on my wedding night to Black cock by my husband. Four of his Black friends had me that night. I got pregant that night and now have a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old by Blacks and 3 moths again by Blacks. We don’t know who the dads are but all are Black men.

  5. Women love to get married and white women need black cock sex to get-off, she can’t trust that her new white husband can do anything for her but she knows these black masters will have no problem taking care of her.

  6. The white husband should clean all that hot come out of her pussy and get those black studds ready to go at her again. Thats what my wife has me do. I am their fluffer and her clean up. Some times she has them fuck me to. We are both sluts for black dick.

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