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Her first BBC

It had been six weeks since your wife’s regular fuck buddy had dissappeared. Normally, she would bring home a new guy within a few days’time but this time it took a lot longer. You almost got worried about her until she did show up with one. It was a black guy, her first…!

She always allowed you to be around when she got her way with lovers so you had gone through some experiences already.

But none of those could have prepared you for what you were about to witness tonight. His cock was so massive, you wondered if she would cope. But she had had a long drought. You saw the eager in your wife’s eyes when she sank on his big, shining, purple glans. Then she closed her eyes and started fucking him like her life depended on it. Even her lover was clearly overwhelmed with her relentless fury, riding him like crazy.

She didn’t even notice him cumming, she kept on slamming down on his hard shaft.

You could not get your eyes of the gusts of fresh cum squishing out of her pussy with her every descent.

Her first BBCHer first BBCHer first BBC

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3 thoughts on “Her first BBC

  1. Omg that hot girl is about to get some from a real man. Must have been a great night for all involved. Hope a bf took the pics

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