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6 thoughts on “Hot bbc virgin nurse/ wife

  1. Hey qqfc20c !!!! I have always followed your posts since we both have the same situation of wishing our wives to try BBC. Let me tell you, your wife is hot !!!! She shouldn’t have any problems getting BCC. Is she willing now? Good luck!!!

    PS: My wife is also hot looking as well!!!!

  2. Hey imagination where are you in the uk. I think all 3of us have alot in common. My wife is very hot for huge cock and has enjoyed it with 2 bulls since we got married. Come back if you want to chat.

  3. Hey Sir Fuckalot!!! I’m in the US; Florida to be exact. Yes, by all means I want her to try BBC, especially since I have been the only man that she has been with. I want her to try bigger and thicker; not to big though like some of those huge black dicks that I have seen on this site (she’s not a size queen; tried big dildos and she doesn’t like them). Then, there’s the convincing. She’s a hot Latina, but with very conservative upbringing. I’m working on turning her little by little on everytime we have sex (I’m not one to turn pussy and ass like hers away). As she reaches her climax, I have been successful getting her to role play and telling me that she likes how another man fucks her. However, after she goes back that “bed talk is just that” and she was saying it because of me; that she’s not interested. But I believe my patience and insistence will win her curiosity and eventually she will try it. I will post some picks of her soon. Be on the lookout and give me your opinion.

  4. i musted say your wife is stunning and sexy and i can just imagine her playing with my toy mmmm i am new on here .My name andy 5ft 10inches tall v/w/e/d from the uk i work funny hours in the days but free weekends if she would like to meet up for lots of action with bbc all the best for 2012 babe.

    See you soon andy xxx

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