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Hot interracial couple

Cute married chick had another dating recently and she met really nice black guy who became her lover. Now she spends all the time with this stud who is so good in bed and she almost forgot about her official husband who didn’t have sex with her for ages!Hot interracial coupleHot interracial coupleHot interracial couple

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24 thoughts on “Hot interracial couple

  1. Cant wait to be blacked, ive given head in high school to a black football player when i was a cheerleader. now for the bbc in my pussy.

  2. 3 of us white girls are going to a black night club tonite, were meeting a black co worker there. im wet just thinking about it.

  3. Melissa here’s hoping you got your brains screwed out.. 3 girls one guy? First girl gets the biggest load, last girl gets the longest fucking. Where would you prefer to be?

  4. I hooked up with a real hot black stud at the night club we made out in his car, i could hardly get his cock in my mouth. mmm were meeting sunday while hubby watches football. hope i can take him

  5. Well im blacked i got fucked with the biggest cock ive ever seen. i thought it wouldnt fit in my pussy but i was so wet i took all of it. now i know what it is to be screwed by a real man. im a bbc slut now for sure

    1. Most women are initially surprised by how much man meat they can accommodate. I would assume that you took his cock bareback. If you want the total experience you need to have his semen in you. If you are truly into BBC when the bull erupts in you it will cause you to have a very intense orgasm. You will have to have him bring a friend or two and go for a few hours of nonstop screwing.

  6. Yes i took him bareback i so wanted his seed in me. if he wants to share me with his friends id do it but would like to stay just the 2 of us at least for now.

    1. The threshold for pleasure tends to rise. Glad to hear you got properly filled. I always enjoyed the feeling of a woman under me breaking loose when when she starts finding out just how much pleasure she can experience. It all comes down to what you want. I’m sure you are aware that a cock can be addictive. Since you must be discrete you should make sure that you offer your husband the usual amount of pussy. Changes in sexual appetite are usually the first red flag for the unknowing cuckold. Of course if he wants to go with the program that would be great but if you don’t think he will go along you must be careful.

  7. Thanks for the advice torpedo, im still sore where my black bull stretched my pussy. my husband loves for his cock sucked so ill blow him daily.

    1. After a while I think a lot of guys get lazy about sex.. They are happy with blow job because they don’t have to work at all. If that keeps him happy so much the better for you. After 2 or 3 encounters with your new friend the soreness should pass. Your pussy is lined with muscles, and the more muscles are exercised the better tone they have. You should be able to grip your lover better the longer you fuck him and probably grip your husbands smaller cock because the muscles in your pussy will be better toned. I expect that you plan on getting a lot more fucking than you have had in the recent past.

  8. Im meeting my lover thursday after work, its usually girls nite out. lol my black stallion wants me to have anal, thats scary to me i know i cant take him but want to make him happy.

  9. It can difficult finding a partner that really meets all your needs. Anal with a big cock thick cock can be difficult and painful. Unless the bull is careful physical damage to the rectum is possible. If you don’t think your bull can/will be gentle enough to break in your butt then go buy a nice big dildo and stretch your own ass out. The type of work out that he gave your pussy might not be the best for your ass. The last thing you need to do is have to explain to your husband why you can’t sit down.

  10. Thanks sweetie maybe a butt plug will stretch me enough so i can take him. i want to make him happy like he makes me. ive come a long way in such a short time.

  11. Thanks sweetie maybe a butt plug will stretch me enough so i can take him. i want to make him happy like he makes me. ive come a long way in such a short time.

    1. Being discrete is of the utmost importance to you, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one bull. You have had a man take you to new heights of pleasure but he isn’t the only bull in the world. Having a second or even a third lover gives you greater variety and lessens the change of getting overly attached to someone’s cock. You need to remember this is about sex, you seem to want to preserve your marriage so you must remain in control.of your life while loosing control in bed

  12. Melissa and Torpedo,

    Really interesting conversation you’ve had. No I couldn’t believe how much cock I could take on my first encounter and it really is addictive. I can’t wait for my next holiday of fun in the sun. From the moment you find some guy looking at you with soft brown eyes and you smile back at him until the time when you feel him coming inside you as you cling to him trying not to scream with the pleasure – all fantastic. Get it while you can.

  13. Diana your so right im living my fantasys while i can. when he entered me i remember saying oh my god, over and over it was beautiful

    1. Hi Melissa & Diana
      Always happy to to pass on some helpful advice. I am in the Midwestern USA and have been there and done that about every way possible. Most likely if you two women added your ages together it might equal mine. I still have a few women I see regularly enough to satisfy my needs. I have seen to many people crossing the color barrier over the years for the wrong reasons. Sex is the most fun two or more people can have together. It should never be a negative experience. If I encouraged Melissa or anyone else to explore their sexuality and sensuality then that brings me a certain amount of pleasure, Not as much as Melissa is experiencing but enough until I slide into someone wet and hot

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