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11 thoughts on “Hotwife for bbc

  1. who is this hotwife? and where is she located? i would fuck that white pussy real good! keep the pics cummin

  2. she maybe moving to CA. San Fran boyz. Once I see her I will tell you how good her pussy mouth and asshole is for your pleasure. She is in BBC Cuckold traing at the moment.. Once she is prepared and ready some of you boyz will have a ball… because I know I will.

  3. I am glad u guys like these pics. These r pics I took of my girlfriend Emily. She lives alone in a residential complex in Johannesburg South Africa. Emily is a very gorgeous blonde 24 year old and models mostly while shadowing a day job as a freelance english teacher at a local primary school, teaching grade fives. One particular black naughty student in her class (named Sandizwayo, has the biggest crush on her and I reached a point of losing count of the times he was seen by my girlfriend trying to look under her desk attempting to look under her skirt in class. My girlfriend asked him 2 days before these pics why he had a boner in class. He rudely replied that he was trying to look for his pencil under her desk and accidentally saw her legs uncrossed. The little shit rudely admitted that he looked between her thighs and saw her pink panties. Co-incidentally, this student happens to live next door to her. That same Friday these pics were taken. I dropped Emily off at home after dinner. I saw Sandizwayo staring at her legs below her skirt and try to move to get a view under Emily’s skirt when she dropped her keys and sqwatted at her door to pick it up. He asked Emily if he could play tv games for a little while (Emily sometimes allowed him to use her gaming machine at her flat). I left to drop Emily’s friend off before returning. Ironically I was just as guilty for what was about to follow. Emy’s friend is a cute Indian exchange student assisting at her school. Her name is Nadine Pillay and is 20 years old. I left to drop her at her hotel. On the way, Nadine asked me to stop at the nearest toilet because she desperately needed to pee. She is so gorgeous. I pulled the car off and suggested she relieve herself outside because there were no toilets close enough. Nadine seemed desperate and asked me to look around to ensure she wasn’t seen while doing her thing. I saw her sqwat outside the passenger door not realizing that I could see between her legs under the open passenger car door. I at first got an erection when I saw her lifting her skirt above her thighs and could see her blue panties where her panty covers her puss. I saw her stretch her panty down her brown tanned knees to her cute manicured feet and could see the full slit of her naked dark puss. I felt my cock dripping as I watched her pissing. I then saw her start to make little lumps of shit. I pushed the door open and asked if she was okay. She couldn’t stop herself from making shit and stared at me embarrasingly knowing I was looking directly at her making shit. I felt so horny that I couldn’t believe what I did. I told her that I got a cockstand from watching her shit and compromised to making her feel less embarrassed by showing her my cock. I opened my zip and showed her my naked cock. I got so excited watching her look at my cock that I started shaking my cock until I would see her see my sperm squirt from my cock. She laughed at me because I wasn’t cumming. I bet her that I would instantly cum if she allowed me to touch her arsehole while she made more shit. She teased me seeming more at ease from seeing my cock and dared me as though she didn’t believe me. I cupped the palm of my hand so that my hand accumulated a large amount of her shit. I challenged her that I would ejaculate without touching my cock further. She didn’t believe my challenge. I kept my cock sticking out of my zip without touching it and saw her jaw drop while I started to stuff her shit inside my mouth and eat it. I instantly ejaculated. I dropped her off and returned to Emily’s flat. I had a spare key and silently opened her door. I saw Sandizwayo in Emily’s bedroom while Emily lay asleep on her bed. She seemed fast asleep from the excessive wine she drank. Sandizwayo’s left nervously and said he was looking for his cellphone and asked if I could please return it if I found it. I locked up after he left to his flat next door. I showered and just before sleeping, saw his phone dropped under the bed. I browsed his photos on the phone and was amazed to discover pics taken of my girlfriend in positions where her skirt was lifted above her thighs but not enough to expose her panty. I decided to call him back to return his phone, but first removed Emily’s blanket and lifted her knees so that her legs remained spread apart. I removed her skirt and left her black high heel shoes on and covered her light blue panties again with the blanket. I wanted to see if Sandizwayo was as naughty as we thought. I called him back and asked him to remain in the bedroom ensuring his teacher who I said I knew he had a crush on, was covered and comfortable until I returned from fetching luggage from the car. I tested him further by saying that he must ensure her blanket didn’t fall off because she was only wearing her panty, and showed him her grey skirt on the floor as proof. Emily was so fast asleep that I noticed she didn’t hear anything we discussed. I left the bedroom, and hid outside the bedroom door so that I could observe Sandizwayo through the hinge area of the open door. I knew that Sandizwayo thought I left the flat and saw him nervously look around while calling out to me. He seemed assured that I had left to the car because I didn’t answer back. I saw him unzip his shorts and pull his weaner out while seeming thrilled by doing so. Suddenly he removed the blanked over Emily and took pics from behind her down at her panty and legs. He moved infront of the bed and took a few pics of her vagina area which was still covered by her light blue panty. I saw Emily open her eyes from the noice his camera made and quickly cover over her panty where it covered her puss, with her one hand. She barely managed to asked him to leave before she dozed off again. I watched quietly as Sandizwayo continued to leave his penis protruding out of his zip. I was in disbelief at the upright erection that little shit got from seeing her panties. I entered the room and asked him in a loud voice why his penis was erect and showing. He told me that my girlfriend pulled her blanket off so that he could look at her panties by her puss area. I knew he was bluffing. I woke Emily and told her what he said. She looked at him and then stalled after noticing his erect penis. She casually lay her head back while saying that she always knew he was naughty and now had the confirmation against any doubt she may have had. She mumbled to him if he enjoyed being naughty by seeing her panty. The little swine replied by saying that he would love to lift her panty and see her puss. In an instant, just as I was about to reprimand Sandizwayo for being too close to Emily’s inner thighs because I saw his penis within 5 centimtres of where her panty covered her puss, I froze at what followed. Emily had her legs together and suddenly spread her legs wide apart as soon as she dozed off. Unknowingly, she didn’t realize that the entire part of her panty which covered her vagina slipped to the side of her inner left thigh. Her light blue panty stretched the slit of her vagina wide open while slipping to her inner thigh. I saw Sandizwayo’s eyes pop out and he kept staring at Emily’s naked widely stretched open puss. I couldn’t believe how long his cockstand got and saw liquid drip. I knew he was about to ejaculate. I myself was so horny from seeing him looking at my girlfriends naked puss, that I didn’t interven. In a strange horny kind of way, I wanted to see him cum on her naked puss. Sandizwayo pushed his entire cock inside Emily and started to cumm for what seemed like forever. I was amazed in disbelief. He then left and apologized. I was too shocked. I lay on the bed in amazement and also fell asleep. The next morning (more than 11 hours later), I got up just as Emily did. We were late for a hairdresser appointment and didn’t shower. We stayed over at Nadine and also didn’t shower because she had a water cut in her area. The following Wednesday morning (5 days later) we returned to Emilys flat and had our first shower since. She pulled her panty down and I could believe that the inside of her panty was completely dry and showed not a single stain of Sandizwayo sperm. I pretended to feel horny and asked to suck Emily’s puss. She agreed. As she lay on the bed, I spread her legs wide apart and stretched the slit of her pink puss open. I cudnt believe the amount of thick sperm inside her puss. Her puss was filled with sperm. That was so embarassing.

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