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Hotwife Myra31 Fisted by BBC

Got a Motel room on Friday night to meet with 4 of my Black Bulls, as I walk to my room the room next door is wide open with a Big Beautiful Black Man laying on the bed watching TV with no t-shirt, shorts and his huge cock hanging out. I tell him hello and he tells me in gorgeous. I tell him I’m next door to you I friends coming over but not for awhile and ask him if he would like to come in, he gets up and follows me into room and we kiss, he eatnme out, I suck his huge cock, he fucks me, then I ask him to fuck me up my ass. After he fucks me up my ass for about a half hr, he starts finger banging me and relizes how big my pussy is, then all of a sudden he puts hi whole fist up my pussy. He starts slamming his fist deep in my cunt and goes deeper to his his forarm shoving harder and harder, I ask him to do it harder and that I love it. He cleans up, kisses me, we exchange numbers and he hears me get banged by my bulls all night. We meet this weekend. @Myra31

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7 thoughts on “Hotwife Myra31 Fisted by BBC

  1. I can’t see the whole idea of getting fisted.That mean she don’t getting fuck because her pussy is too loose..No good pussy anymore

  2. Reading all this about how a fisted pussy will stay loose, or dick not going to do it again for her etc… So far from the truth. Pussy snaps back in a day or two. Like saying a woman with 3-4 kids, dick never going to do it for her again. I have fucked several woman who have been fisted as a active swinging couple. And that pussy sometimes was actually tighten up few days after a hard fisting.

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