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Housewives kissing with blacks

You shouldn’t think that cuckolding wives only crave for some rough non-stop sex action and after their pussies are ruined they just go home. Some of them enjoy more romantic and sensual relationships with their black lovershousewives kissing with blackshousewives kissing with blackshousewives kissing with blackshousewives kissing with blackshousewives kissing with blacks

housewives kissing with blackshousewives kissing with blacks

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7 thoughts on “Housewives kissing with blacks

  1. ahhhh yes. nothing beatskissing passionately between a black stud and ahot white chic. I love seeing them kissing during foreplay, during hot missionary intercourse and after a great fuck.

  2. When my wife and I went to parties or events my Black friend Rob was there too. They would sneak off and I saw them kissing and he be feeling her up. I would always get hard. I never let on that I saw them. Once at a party at our hose Rob stayed after all the guests left. They started kissing and feeling each other up. They ignored me. She took him to our bedroom and they started having sex. Now Rob stays over every weekend.

  3. When I used to pick up my beautiful blonde fiancĂ© at her father’s store in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, the big black guy who helped her close always gave her a long very intimate French kiss when they said goodnight. He made sure I could see him fondling her tosh while they kissed. She was always glassy eyed and short of breath by the time they finished kissing. Years later, she admitted that when I wasn’t there, he kissed her the same way, and they always wound up making love on the cot in the back room. She says he never stopped kissing her while he fucked her.

  4. I made my wife fuck strangers black and white while I was hammering Charlie and weed cost me my marriage and the love and respect of my 2 sons

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