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How about it?

Hey boys! I’ve been a bit obsessed with big black cocks for a while and thought i’d post on here to see what kind of response i get.
I have a bf but can’t stop thinking about it. Would love to know if anyone would be keen what you might have planned for me;)

So… what do you guys think?

How about itHow about it?How about it?How about it?How about it?How about it?How about it?How about it?How about it?How about it?How about it?

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29 thoughts on “How about it?

  1. First thing I would do is put you on your knees sucking my hard cock. Let see how muchyou enjoy it. Then when i’m good and hard I’d bend you over facing the mirror soyou so you can see the pleasure on you face every time my warm wet tongue slides up and down your wet slit. Let you watch as your face contorts from lust as you orgasm. Then I’d put you on all fours and let you watch as your tits sway back and forth from me fucking your sweet little pussyan i would love to hear your moans as I finger your ass while I’m pounding you.
    Then I would pull out lube up your ass good and pound that tight little hole till I was ready to cum. Just before I did I would pull out and shove it to the hilt in your soaking pussy. Emptying my balls into you. That sound like a good night?
    hit me on raynewblackneighbor at yahoo dot com
    Then maybe I’d have to spin you around so he can see my cums leaking from your well used pussy. While I lead your lips back to my cock. Letting you suck your juices off my cock and bring it back to life. As he watches my cums trail down your thigh. I would then reach over and take a vibrator and tell you spread eagle. Easing it into your pussy as I slowly fuck you with it. Then let you stroke my cock for telling me how good it feels to have a real man’s cock in your hands. I would kiss you hard and then lean down and bite your nipple bringing pleasure with the little bit of pain. You seem to enjoy it. I turn you over on all fours again and start to fuck your ass again letting you feel the vibrator fill your pussy and send it’s wonderful sensations along your body as I fill your ass and you and it through your body. All the while letting him listen to you moan for me to keep going.

  2. You got me thinking about the things I could do to make your legs weak and your pussy quiver. I would love to run my hands up those smooth legs. I would love to trace the outline of your pussy with my fingertips then run my hands up your torso and caress your breast until your nipples are hard as rocks and your pussy is getting wet and you can feel your slickness beginning to leak out between those lips. I would get on my knees before you and lightly run my tongue up the middle of your slit while playfully tweaking your nipples. I would slowly blow on your clit until it was sensitive and then I would suck your pussy lips into my mouth one at a time slowly tracing their shape with my tongue and occasionally suck on your clit. I would cup your ass in my hands and gently lower you to the floor spread eagle where I could completely bury my face and drink in you juices. I would squeeze and caress your breast and feel their heat in my hands. Just when your pussy starts quiver and you go over the edge, I would hold you clit between my lips and flick my tongue over it like there was no tomorrow and pinch your nipples while you squeal with passion. When youโ€™re done shaking with pleasure I would lick you clean and you would taste yourself on my lips. And that is just the foreplay!

  3. Its divine I could suck and fuck u all day! ur pussy is so beautiful its needs a good sucking ,filling and strectching got me all loaded heavy luv to preggo u!!

  4. This guy would like to see you taken to a motel and broken-in and bred by a team of 3 very well-hung black gangsters. They will throw you on the bed and begin your total ruination by letting their skilled tongues lick your hardening nipples and clit with their Alabama black snake tongues. Clit Daddy, who is the leader of the crew, will slip in 1, 2, 3 and then finally 4 – for the whore that you are – well oiled fingers into your cock greedy pussy. At the same time he’ll use another 2 lubed fingers to stretch and prep your ass for fucking. Clit Daddy will then order you onto your knees on the floor and command you to use your mouth and tongue to harden-up your fuck crews massive manhood. You climb on-board Clit Daddy’s member and slot it into your gapping gash of a cunt. Things begin to move quickly as first feel a big dick invading your ass from behind whilst the third cockman holds you tightly by the hair and thrusts himself deep down inside your hungry
    throat. Clit Daddy had told you to stop BC before the encounter and instructed you this will be a bareback operation timed to coincide with when you are ovulating, he means to send you back to your bf black bred and breathless. The first to shoot his hot load of creamy cum into your mouth is head fuck, you saviour every last drop and suck him dry. Next to release his seed into you is ass guy who makes you earn every drop by continuing to fuck your butt until he ids drained dry. Clit Daddy spanks your behind harder and harder with his big, rough hands making you rough ride him until he explodes his baby batter into your fertile womb. As the crew are pulling on their jeans and T-shirts, you lay there on the bed with your knees together rocking your hips from side to side, hoping and praying that you have been successfully disseminated and in 9 months time you can spread your legs and produce Clit Daddy Jr.

  5. i think you should let me know what state you live in that is if you are open to being bent over and lickrd from behind til you cum and cum again and then having a hard black cock tap your clit for a bit then having the head of that same cock slip in and out of your pussy then having said cock slide around and on your warm wet white pussy and ass hole then having me lick you again til you cum again then i could……….. let me know

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