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How I became a cuck – my story

I new I would be a cuck before I got married. My wife and I were neighbors and became friends first. After dating my future wife and having sex with her, she refused to go out a second time. I asked her why and she explained in the conversation that followed that she “liked big black dicks.” We stayed friends and became very open about our sex lives. I loved to hear her talk about her boy black friends. I admitted that I was very self-conscious about my small size, and that strange as it seems, I was extremely turned on by her frank rating of my manhood. I told her how on that day and several since, I replayed her words in my mind over and over while I jerked off. It still turns me on to this day. I told her about how I hired professional doms to humiliate me for my small size.

To make a long story short: This turned her on too! She is a professional and is not into domestic stuff or a conventional marriage but being married would be good for her image and would please her mother greatly. She is very much into control of men, but likes to have normal sex with no commitment with a BBC lover who will “Take her.” She proposed that we be married, the domestic work would be my responsibility – complete with punishment for infractions, she would continue to date and do what ever she wished while I would get little if any from her and I was not to even consider an outside affair. It would be for her convenience only. I agreed and love my life with her. She gets a real thrill from her control and huniliation and she does like to cuddle and tease and have a warm body in bed with her. We love each other and have complemented our unique needs perfectly!How I became a cuck

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4 thoughts on “How I became a cuck – my story

  1. She’s very sexy and you are both very fortunate.
    This is the way all white marriages should be:
    The white hubby should be humiliated by his white wife and her BBC lovers, while the sexy wife is dominated by BB Bulls!
    Congratulations! Keep up the good work – and post some photos soon!

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