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I know you r think about it

I know u r think about it, that no big deal, I say 50% 2 90% think about it, for me it take month 2 do it, I been married for 30 years now, just one man, husband was put this in my head, it was all way black on white video here, he was get me use 2 see BBC on white women, the video made our sex live a lot better,but one night he ask me if I want one, I said sure why not, but I was joke about this, with a week this came back up, I ask him if he want me 2 fuck a BBC, he said maybe, I said maybe what, he said u never been went another man before, I said so what, he wasn’t push me in this, but he was put it in my head, I catch myself fantasize about this ,it made me very hot, but one night I had a dream about it, I was get gangbang by BBC, the dream change every thing, with help r not from hubby ,I was gone 2 fuck a differ guy, but how do I do this, been married 2 long, but this all came back up again watch black on white, hubby ask again if I want 2 try one, I said r u sure about this, he said yes ,i said let do it, the look on his face, the next day he ran & ads about me, ads said X LARGE BBC,, that same day I got a lots of mail, start chats back with the guys, well I pick one, I with 2 him he look great , look very clean 2, he ask me if he was first BBC, I said yes, & u b my second got in sex, he look me in the eyes & said u b a BBC woman after this ,i don’t think u every been fuck good before, I said that why i’m here for, I pull it out, i was shock, it was so big, it was 2 time long than hubby, 4-5 time big around, I said WOW, is your hubby this size, I said hell no, it so big, , I ask if a woman could take it, he said yes, he also said u r the right type of woman for this, tall slim, well I did it that night, in the last 6 months I more like fuck this BBC 100 TIME,,i’m hook on this now hubby can’t satisfy me any more, now I know big is better
I know you r think about it

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