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Interracial 3some sex action

This white guy gets to fuck his own white wife only if one of her numerous black lovers joins the fun. This way he can see how big are their cocks in comparison with that little dicklet that he has! However he is happy with that since that’s the only chance to feel the pussy and cum again for him![media id=448 width=590 height=443]You can see some more of their videos filmed on amateur camera if you visit PersonalCLips where people share their private vids !!download video

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2 thoughts on “Interracial 3some sex action

  1. Hot clip. She obviously loves sucking and fucking at the same time. Looks to me like the white guys cock is as big as the black guys. So much for the myth that all black guys have bigger dicks than white guys.

  2. Yeah, that was my observation impression, too. The hubby’s no inferior in the cock size category. And that whole thing is overblown anyway. What counts in sex is erotic QUALITY, not physical QUANTITY. The admirable thing here is her husband fucking his wife while she’s also giving head to her black bull.

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