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Interracial neighbors started my BBC addiction Part 2

Since I didn’t have a job yet and neither did our neighbor’s wives, they started inviting me over for coffee and walks and beach outings etc. They were much more outwardly sexual in both speech and behavior than I had ever been and spending time with them always made me feel a bit naughty especially when they wanted to talk about sex with our husbands, talk sexual fantasies or flirt with each other (which turned me on so much and eventually led to my first lesbian sexual encounters). When we shared what kind of sex we liked/hated the most they were both very excited when I admitted that anal sex was the only kind that made me feel naughty enough to have an orgasm with my husband (plus he wasn’t well endowed – I even had to get toys to satisfy myself alone) and that I hated fellatio because I just couldn’t get over the gag reflex. Each of them said their husbands pressured them about trying it but they didn’t want to even try because their husbands had such big, thick cocks that it would probably hurt too much. For some reason, probably because I really liked the image of them having anal sex with their husbands, I assured them that I could show them how to make it easy so they could really make their husbands happy and they told me they could teach me how to give mind-blowing blowjobs.

Long story short, we ended up having a LOT of sex just us girls (and my butt plugs, and dildos) until one time they totally set me up. We were at Mike and Rachel’s place. The guys were supposedly going out to watch a game at a sportsbar and we had planned a sex filled night just for us girls. But just as we were getting started Mike and Josh came home. We were nearly naked and still downstairs on a big sofa when they came in. At first I wanted to stop everything but it didn’t take much coaxing from Rachel and Asia to convince me that as we were such fast friends and shared so much intimacy that it would be fine with them if the guys watched.

Interracial neighbors started my BBC addiction

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