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Interracial neighbors started my BBC addiction

Backstory: As my marriage of over 25 years finally disintegrates I just need a place to confess my story without judgement. I already know how horrible I am for misleading my husband and family from literally the first few months of our marriage and as the truth slowly came out I lost all respect from my friends. I used to feel guilty and sad about who I am but as time went by I’ve accepted that when I agreed to marry my husband it was for the wrong reasons (not love) and that I lied to myself that I could change (Cheating has always been an aphrodisiac for me).

When my boyfriend of only 1 year joined the Army I thought I’d never see him again. And when he came back to ask me to marry him I didn’t really want to. But the appeal of a financially secure future with a reliable and kind partner convinced me to bite the bullet. My biggest mistakes were pretending all my young life to be the well mannered girl next door, telling him I loved him and telling myself I could outgrow my rather scandalous early years (I’d had affairs with some of the husbands I babysat for and even my piano teacher’s husband and poker friends).

So in a few months I find myself on an Army base and my husband is preparing for a 4 month school away from home. We lived at the end unit of a multi-family building at the end of a cul de sac. Our neighbors on one side and at the end unit of the building across from us were both a few years younger and interracial (black husbands, one white and one thai wife). When we moved in with nothing they were all very helpful with getting temporary furniture and all the essentials. For the sake protecting their names, I’ll call them Mike/Rachel (blk/white) and Josh/Asia (blk/thai). More to follow (character limit)

Interracial neighbors started my BBC addiction

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